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Data Minded on AWS

Our partnership allows us to stay ahead of the curve, and serve our clients with bespoke solutions that fit their needs. 

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At Data Minded, we are passionate advocates for the power of the Cloud. Embracing the Cloud enables businesses to rapidly scale and concentrate on their core objectives. Our team of adept data engineers possesses deep expertise in AWS services, empowering your organization to harness their full potential for success.


Amazon Web Services


With more than 20 AWS certificates, including various specializations such as security, data analytics, machine learning,… and over 20+ projects successfully built and deployed on the Amazon cloud, it's safe to say we know the ins and outs of what AWS has to offer. From containers on EKS, to streaming with Kinesis, to AI/ML with SageMaker: together with our clients, we can build state-of-the-art data platforms and products.

Check out our AWS partnership page, and get a taste of what we can do for you via our AWS customer success stories.

Case Studies

Establish an operational framework and a cloud-native data and analytics platform, facilitating the development and execution of machine learning applications with a strong emphasis on self-service capabilities.

Discover how Data Minded collaborated with Luminus to achieve this goal.

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Elevating Customer Experience: How DPG Media partnered with Data Minded to scale advanced analytics, enhancing operational efficiency and achieving a 360° customer view.

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