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Making your people more capable data engineers

Outsourcing or investing in data transformation skills?


When you want to transform data into value, you have 2 options: either you outsource this process to experts, or you attempt to do it yourself. Since technology is ever evolving at enormous speeds, the latter might be hard since you might not have the know-how internally.


At Data Minded, we help you with the value extraction process in both ways: you can use our consultancy services, or improve with our academy services. With the academy, our shared intent is to make you more capable in record time. We offer workshops on key technologies and data challenges that are common in even the best data driven companies.

our offering

Winter School 2024

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Are you (working for) a SME in Vlaams Gewest? 

Use the “kmo-portefeuille” subsidy!

Data Minded Academy courses are eligible for a subsidy from the “kmo-portefeuille”: small and medium-sized enterprises located in the Flemish Region can receive a subsidy of up to €7500 per year for services offered by registered providers, like Data Minded.


Check whether you meet the conditions and how much subsidy you can receive. You can also start the application procedure there.

Calculation example:


A small company can be reimbursed 30% of the Summer School, so that it does not cost €1000, but only €700 for 1 employee. Other discounts, like the early bird discount, still apply.


Our training offer

We not only organise workshops for our clients but also teach at different business schools. Some of our thoughts and findings are captured and accessible through our Youtube channel. In addition, we organise yearly Winter and Summer schools, lasting one week, in which we dive deep into several key technologies. In short, there’s something for everyone! Have a look at our catalog of ready-to-go courses.


Hop in

Tag along in one of our workshops scheduled at predetermined dates. By subscribing you will be able to participate in a 1 to 3 day workshop , depending on the topic, where our experienced instructors will not only help you to grasp the essentials but also teach you the best practices of fundamental technologies, key concepts and modern techniques related to data and engineering.


Summer/Winter school

Twice a year we organise a week full of interactive workshops led by our experienced instructors. The content is a carefully selected subset of our standard courses, reduced in length to fit within one week. As cherry on the cake, we end the week with a capstone exercise in which participants get to combine all they’ve learnt in that week in one coherent package, combining several cloud services and technologies, illustrating many concepts of a modern data platform.


À la carte

Don’t want to wait for the courses and workshops that we offer at predetermined dates? Or are you in need of a tailored workshop that fits your business? No problem! Reach out to us to discuss a custom training program for your business.

Our Courses

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courses 2.png
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Remote or on-premises, we have experience with both approaches, and even run hybrid formats: with flipped-classroom trainings, participants watch the theory upfront, and then join the interactive sessions to have the material deeply ingrained.


Classroom trainings


Remote sessions


On premise

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