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About us

Our team offers the capability, technology, and way of working for organizations to collect high-quality data and find actionable insights.


We assist you in becoming more data-minded and self-reliant to evolve from traditional reports to machine learning and intelligent applications.


By building robust and scalable data solutions, Dataminded empowers teams to make more impactful decisions and achieve results beyond imagination.


Actionable insights driving smarter decisions

Big insights are more important than big data. Dataminded does not believe in one-off, siloed analytics exercises performed on various scattered data. Instead, our team in Leuven is ready to interact and understand your business and develop a performant, stable data solution.


We set up the platform and implement the first analytics use cases until you take over and implement more cases. As a result, all your colleagues can access data, consult analyses, and gain factual and predictive insights driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Taking smarter decisions every day on the basis of actionable insights increases the competitiveness of organizations across industries.

Some of our activities

Dataminded actively promotes data engineering and analytics to broader audiences. We are a founding member of Data Science Leuven. This organization connects people who work with data in the Leuven region and interacts with other chapters across the country and abroad. Through Data Science Leuven, we get in touch with statisticians, data engineers, data-driven business people, PhD students, academic and industry researchers, product designers, and market researchers.

The data engineering specialists of Dataminded also share their expertise in educational programs or events. We are teaching or presenting data engineering topics at various organisations, including Hasselt University, Solvay Business School, Vlerick Business School, DigitYser, and

We are also the proud sponsor of Data Beers Brussels for the year 2023.

Values & Culture

We are open-minded data engineers who love working with cloud and open-source solutions. Besides reducing costs, such solutions allow for more flexibility and a faster time to market than typical enterprise and on-premise technologies.

Check out our values and culture page to see who we are.

Upcoming Events

Want to know more about who we are and what we do?


Meet us during our upcoming events and let's talk!

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