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Cloud partnerships

At Data Minded, we strongly believe in Cloud. Cloud allows organizations to scale quickly and elastically, and focus on their core business. Our data engineers are highly knowledgeable about the different services offered by the major cloud providers, and can help your organization to leverage their capabilities to the fullest. 

We are proud partners of the main three public cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Our partnerships allow us to stay ahead of the curve, and serve our clients with bespoke solutions that fit their needs. 


Amazon Web Services


With more than 20 AWS certificates, including various specializations such as security, data analytics, machine learning,… and over 20+ projects successfully built and deployed on the Amazon cloud, it's safe to say we know the ins and outs of what AWS has to offer. From containers on EKS, to streaming with Kinesis, to AI/ML with SageMaker: together with our clients, we can build state-of-the-art data platforms and products.

Check out our AWS partnership page, and get a taste of what we can do for you via our AWS customer success stories.

Microsoft Azure

Scheduling pipelines with Azure Data Factory, training machine learning models on Azure ML, managing identities and access rights at enterprise scale with Azure AD,… several of our clients rely on these core services of Microsoft's cloud. Whether you are just at the start of your cloud journey, or an already experienced cloud organization, Data Minded can help you with your Azure endeavors at scale.

You can find us in the Azure Partner directory.


Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Google Cloud Platform is home to some of the most loved cloud services out there. Whether you want to extract insights from large amounts of data with BigQuery, build a truly serverless streaming application with PubSub, or harness Kubernetes' flexibility without its complexity with GKE, GCP has got you covered. We, at Data Minded, enjoy coming up with creative solutions that leverage these services in order to help our clients succeed.

You can find us listed as an official partner on our GCP Partnership page.

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