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Workshop GenAI

This workshop is perfect for you when you are curious about GenAI but unsure where to start. Or maybe you already have some ideas but you need to validate them. We offer you expert guidance on how to add value to your enterprise and the impact on the data department. We even pay attention to creating alignment across you organization. Getting key stakeholders and decision-makers on board early is crucial for long-term success.

Advantages of this workshop:

  • Focused and efficient: A one-day workshop condenses the exploration process, saving you valuable time and resources versus solo research.

  • Collaborative: Engaging with experts and stakeholders together fosters productive discussions and sparks new ideas.

  • Sets a solid foundation: The workshop sets a realistic scope and expectations for your generative AI initiatives.

  • Tailored: We can adjust the focus based on your industry or specific business goals.

  • Interactive: A blend of presentations, discussions, and brainstorming exercises.

After this workshop, you will have:

  • Clarity on potential use cases: High-value, feasible areas to apply generative AI in your enterprise.

  • Prioritized action plan: A roadmap to guide your next steps, whether it's a proof of concept or deeper exploration.

  • Shared understanding: Alignment amongst stakeholders to streamline decision-making and accelerate implementation.


Duration: 1 day

People needed in the workshop:

  • Decision-makers: C-Suite or those with budget and project approval authority in the data & AI space

  • Technical representatives: IT or data engineers to evaluate feasibility.

  • Business unit heads: Represent the areas where generative AI could be implemented.

Costs: €2,800 for a day. This also can be partially or wholly offset against future project work.

The 4 GenAI accelerators

To help you benefit from GenAI in the best possible way, we developed four accelerators. We can guide you from A to Z by combining them: the workshop, Foundations & POC, Implementation Project and the Roll Out.

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