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Take the Data Maturity Test


Are you curious to find out how data mature your company is and how to make it better?


This quick test will give you an insight into your point of improvement.

By the end of this test you will:

  • Understand where you are & where you want to go.

  • Compare your company with the industry leaders in 10 minutes.

  • Take action! Iterate & make changes to improve your data maturity.


What is data maturity?


Data maturity demonstrates the level at which a company makes the most out of its data. The more data mature a company is, the more data efforts become interconnected with different aspects of the organisation.

Whether you're aiming for innovative AI/ML products or are more focused on data analytics, you'll need the right data engineering efforts to create an underlying future-proof data platform.


Determine whether you are on the right track using the tool below, so you can take action right away!

Why grow in data maturity?

Organisations that have a "high data maturity" are able to build and deliver scalable and sustainable data products. This allows them to reach their ambitions, innovate, understand and defeat their competition and improve continuously.

With years of experience in the data consultancy field, we introduced a new way of scoring your organisation: The data maturity index! You can download the light whitepaper to get a quick idea of what DMI is all about.

How we helped to make a change

The data maturity index is a tool that you can leverage to understand how to realize the data ambitions of your company. In this video, we invite Wannes Rosiers to give his view on the different dimensions of the data maturity index and how that relates to his real-world experience.


Download our whitepaper

Would you like to learn more about this topic?

Download the whitepaper here!

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Check out our webinars


What is data maturity?


Have a look at what are the 6 dimensions of data maturity in this video.

Why grow in data maturity?

A brief discussion on why companies need to grow in data maturity.

Data maturity in practice

Listen to how we worked with Golazo Group to help them become more data mature.

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