Grow your data maturity by watching our webinars


Introducing Conveyor

During this webinar, we introduce Conveyor and talk about why we built it. We will also dive into a concrete data product usecase and go through the various lifecycle stages of the data product development using Conveyor, and highlight how it helps you along the way. 

Data Maturity Index

Why grow in data maturity

During this webinar you will learn:

→ What data maturity is and how we came to the Data Maturity Index

→ Why you should (or should not) grow your data maturity

→ Who the people behind the Data Maturity Index are


Test your data maturity

From notebook hell to container heaven

Many data projects begin and end with experimental code running in a notebook. But when you have to support the code in production, you often hit the limitations of notebooks. These limitations are hard to maintain, hard to debug, hard to reuse and hard to extend.


So you need to look for ways to package and deploy your code in a more consistent, reliable way. And this is exactly why containers have taken the software engineering world by storm and why the data world is seeing a rapid adoption of container technology.

From notebook hell to container heaven

In this webinar we will take you, step by step, through the process of converting a classical python or spark notebook into a reliable, scalable and portable container that can run on any cloud or even on your laptop. We will use open-source templates to help you get started and clarify some of the magic that goes on behind the scenes.

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