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Roll out

The roll out is an exciting endeavor, yet it comes with its share of challenges that, when tackled head-on, pave the way for remarkable achievements throughout the company. Establishing robust governance policies around data usage, model selection, and responsible AI practices serves as a cornerstone for success.

While scaling may incur increased costs and require specialized talent, it also offers unparalleled opportunities for innovation and growth. Embracing the complexity of managing diverse use cases fosters creativity and drives organizational synergy.

Overcoming resistance to change becomes an opportunity to build trust, inspire confidence, and empower employees through upskilling initiatives. Additionally, continuous monitoring and bias detection not only ensure model performance but also reinforce ethical and inclusive practices, fostering a culture of excellence and accountability.

Activities in this project

This rollout phase could include several use cases, depending on your company's maturity. The focus is on creating replicable processes for onboarding and scaling successful solutions.

  • Governance Assessment: We audit existing practices and help establish clear policies and procedures.

  • Infrastructure Evaluation and Planning: We assess current capabilities and design a scalable, cost-effective architecture.

  • Center of Excellence (CoE): If appropriate, we help establish a CoE to centralize generative AI expertise and best practices.

  • Pilot Expansion: We guide the expansion of successful POCs or existing implementations across other units.

  • Upskilling & Training: Develop customized training programs at various levels (technical, business users, executives).

  • Ongoing Monitoring: Implementing feedback loops and performance monitoring for deployed solutions

How we help you

  • Governance Framework: We help you design a comprehensive governance structure, including data policies, ethical guidelines, and model auditing processes.

  • Cost Optimization: We guide you in selecting cost-effective infrastructure and techniques for generative AI at scale.

  • Strategic Roadmap: Develop a phased rollout plan, prioritizing use cases and minimizing disruptions.

  • Adoption Support: Create change management plans, comprehensive training programs, and user-centric support materials to facilitate widespread adoption.

  • Expertise and Best Practices: We share our knowledge and experience from other successful large-scale GenAI implementations.

What we ask from you

  • Executive sponsorship: Strong leadership support is key for driving organization-wide change.

  • Internal champions: Identify advocates in different business units to facilitate adoption.

  • Data access and maintenance: Ensuring ongoing data availability and quality.

  • Collaboration: IT, data teams, and business units working closely with us.

After this roll-out, you will:

✓ Possess scalable infrastructure: Able to support growing demand and new use cases.

✓ Know your costs: Optimized for efficient generative AI operations.

✓ Have a roadmap for continuous innovation: A plan for identifying and implementing new value-adding use cases.

✓ Have skilled-up your workforce: Employees at different levels are equipped to leverage generative AI.

✓ Have an established adoption process: Mechanisms to smoothly onboard and scale successful generative AI solutions.


Duration: 6 months to 2 years. This timeframe allows for a structured, iterative approach, with ongoing refinement based on your specific size and complexity.

People needed (from the company):

  • C-Suite or Senior Leadership: For decision-making and resource allocation.

  • Heads of Data and IT: Essential for infrastructure and technical implementation.

  • Representatives from key business units: To prioritize use cases and champion adoption.

  • Potential CoE members: If this is part of the rollout strategy.

Retainer model: For ongoing scaling, consider a retainer model for long-term partnership with us.

The 4 GenAI accelerators

To help you benefit from GenAI in the best possible way, we developed four accelerators. We can guide you from A to Z by combining them: the workshop, Foundations & POC, Implementation Project and the Roll Out.

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