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Implementation project

A GenAI implementation project intertwines innovation with complexity. In this journey you will face several challenges.

Data readiness for example, with issues of quality, quantity, and accessibility threatening progress. Technical integration poses another hurdle, demanding expertise to weave GenAI into existing systems seamlessly.

The scarcity of skilled personnel compounds these challenges, leaving organizations grappling with a critical skills gap. Moreover, the journey towards GenAI adoption requires change management strategies to secure buy-in and foster organizational acceptance.

Amidst these trials, ensuring Responsible AI practices becomes paramount, mandating ethical use, explainability, and bias mitigation. In this landscape, expert guidance becomes indispensable, offering the compass needed to navigate the complexities of GenAI implementation. Fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the ride. We will take you on a journey that’s worth overcoming all the challenges.

Activities in this project

For a implementation project we ideally focus on 1-2 primary use cases. This allows for depth, tackling a significant problem with a solution that offers tangible value, and manageability, minimizes complexity and reduces the risk of scope creep.

  • Detailed requirements gathering: Deep collaboration to understand specific use cases and success criteria.

  • Architecture design: Mapping how the generative AI system integrates with your data and technology landscape.

  • Model development and refinement: Iterative building, testing, and refining models.

  • Deployment and integration: Seamless deployment into your production environment.

  • User training: Equipping your team to effectively use and maintain the solution.

  • Monitoring & Maintenance: Ongoing support to ensure optimal performance and adapt to evolving requirements.

How we help you

  • Technical expertise: Providing the specialized knowledge in implementing generative AI solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Project management: Guiding the project with a structured methodology, ensuring milestones are met and risks minimized.

  • Problem-solving: Proactively addressing challenges in data processing, model integration, and performance optimization.

  • Change management support: Helping with communication plans, user training, and building trust in generative AI solutions.

  • Mitigating bias and ethical concerns: Integrating explainability, fairness, and continuous monitoring into our approach.

What we ask from you

  • Provide domain knowledge: Your experts are essential to ground the solution in real-world requirements and constraints.

  • Data access and preparation: Collaborating on data access and any needed preprocessing.

  • IT collaboration: Partnering with your IT team for deployment and infrastructure.

  • Championing adoption: Driving internal communication and user training efforts.

After this implementation project, you will:

  • Have a production-ready generative AI solution: Fully integrated and contributing to a value-driven business process.

  • Know the ROI: Clear measurements of its impact (cost savings, efficiency gains, etc.)

  • Have skilled-up your team: Exposure and training will boost your internal genAI capabilities.

  • Possess a scalable foundation: Ability to expand to other use cases or enhance the current solution.

  • Have a case study: A tangible success story to champion generative AI adoption across the company.

  • Have established a partnership: Ongoing relationship for future maintenance or innovation.


Flexibility: We can accommodate varying levels of involvement from your IT/data teams.


Schedule and Duration: 3-6 months. This provides sufficient time for development, integration, and testing, though complexity impacts this significantly.


Who's needed from the company:

  • Project sponsor: Executive or high-level manager with decision-making authority.

  • Domain experts: Provide business context and validation of outputs.

  • Data Scientists/Engineers: Depending on your team's capabilities.

  • IT representatives: Essential for infrastructure and deployment.

The 4 GenAI accelerators

To help you benefit from GenAI in the best possible way, we developed four accelerators. We can guide you from A to Z by combining them: the workshop, Foundations & POC, Implementation Project and the Roll Out.

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