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Foundations & POC

Foundations and Importance

The success of your GenAI rollout hinges on this foundational phase. It's essential to clearly define the problem to solve, to hone in on a high-impact, specific use case that is feasible within the timeframe. Also ensure you have the necessary data (quality, quantity, permissions) to train and evaluate a generative AI model.

Next up is selecting the relevant tools and technologies. It can be quite a challenge to match the right GenAI techniques to the problem and your existing tech stack. Last but not least you want to validate your ideas with a POC.

Solutions are always easy on slides. Turning them into POC makes them come to life.

We packed all these essential steps in a 2-week program in which we offer you expert guidance.

Activities in this 2-week program

Here's a possible breakdown of activities, along with what the company needs to provide:

  • Week 1: Deep Dive & Kick-Off

    • Intensive problem understanding: We thoroughly analyze the chosen business problem and define clear success metrics.

    • Detailed data assessment: Rigorous evaluation of data quality, quantity, and accessibility.

    • Tool/technique selection: We guide you through the appropriate generative AI approaches and begin laying the technical groundwork.

    • Company provides: Key personnel across business and IT domains. Full access to all relevant data, systems, and documentation.

  • Week 2: Parallel Foundations & POC

    • Continued Foundations: We finalize technical infrastructure setup, data preparation, and refinement of generative AI approach.

    • POC Development Begins: Our team starts building the core functionality of the generative AI model.

    • Company provides:

      • Ongoing technical support for data engineering and model development.

      • Regular feedback from domain experts to validate the POC direction in real-time.

After this 2-week program, you will:

✓ Have a working POC: Demonstrating the core functionality of generative AI applied to your chosen problem.

✓ Know the feasibility: A clear understanding of the potential for scaling and improving the solution.

✓ Have measurable results: KPIs tied to the business problem that indicate the value of further investment.

✓ Possess the technical basis: A foundational model and codebase to build upon (if you decide to proceed).

✓ Be ready to make informed decisions: Armed with the data to justify scaling the generative AI initiative or, if necessary, pivoting to a different use case.


We can adapt the scope: The specific use case and technical complexity will influence the work within the 2 weeks.

Intensity: This is a focused 2-week sprint, ideally requiring significant daily involvement from designated company personnel.


Who's needed:

  • Data Scientist/Engineer: Primary technical lead for the POC.

  • Domain Expert: Provides essential business context and validation of results.

  • IT Representative (as needed): For data access, infrastructure support.

The 4 GenAI accelerators

To help you benefit from GenAI in the best possible way, we developed four accelerators.

We can guide you from A to Z by combining them: the workshop, Foundations & POC, Implementation Project and the Roll Out.

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