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Making your people more capable data engineers

You know you're in a good place when your people can work effectively with data. And you're in an even better place, when that is also done efficiently. You rely less on external help and can create data products on time. By ensuring people on their team have the skills needed to work efficiently with data, managers from data-driven companies cut costs, reduce time-to-market and improve group atmosphere.

Through our years of consultancy experience, we have created training materials that jump-start people in the world of data processing. And for those that are already in it for a while, we also teach best-practices and illustrate workarounds to common pitfalls.

These training materials aren't your typical one-directional information streams though. We feature hands-on exercises in our fully interactive workshops, to make people retain the information. And there's plenty of room for discussions with our skilled instructors. So have a look at our workshop portfolio for topics that can help you, your team and your business thrive, and register for any of our three delivery formats.

our offering
our hop-in format

Hop in

We regularly organize workshops at our premises. The hop-in format gives you the flexibility to pick specific courses, that unlike the Winter/Summer school format are full-length. And they offer the chance to get new insights, since these sessions are shared with people from different companies. The format is always the same: you register for one of the training sessions, and show up at our facilities on the designated date with a modern laptop. No software needed other than a browser. Be aware that some courses span multiple days: check the courses page to find out more. The registration fee is simple to understand: €500 per person per day. This amount is pro rated by the amount of contact hours foreseen for that workshop, so if a workshop takes half a day, registration would cost €250.

Summer and winter school format

Winter/Summer school

If you want to get up to speed with the most common tools and technologies that data engineers need in their day-to-day work, our summer and winter schools are the place to be. Each lasts a full working week, in which participants work through business relevant exercises with our knowledgeable instructors. Participants are requested to watch our videos upfront, so that they come prepared to this intensive data week. To cap it all off, we end the week with a capstone exercise that spans at least a day and a half, combining all of the things you've learned into an exemplary cloud native data processing pipeline. Our next event is the Summer School of 2024, which will be held fully on-site at our offices in Leuven (Belgium) in the week of September 9th-13th. Pricing is dependent on your company size (SME/non-SME). We also reserve a few spots for unemployed people at a large discount. Check out the details on the dedicated Summer School 2024 page. Registration form is accessible from that same page as well.

à la carte format

À la carte

When you know we offer the kind of training that will make you more successful, but can't wait for the next scheduled workshop or the summer/winter school is not the right mix of workshops for your business, simply reach out to us to discuss your needs. We may also consider creating a workshop, when the topic you're looking for isn't listed in our regular workshops, but is relevant to data engineering. It never hurts to ask.

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Summer School 2024

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Feedback on Winter/Summer School Academy

Courses Catalog

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Remote or on-premises, we have experience with both approaches, and even run hybrid formats: with flipped-classroom trainings, participants watch the theory upfront, and then join the interactive sessions to have the material deeply ingrained.


Classroom trainings


Remote sessions


On premise

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