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Getting data done

Build sustainable and scalable data organisations that deliver on the promise of data and AI


Reduce the cloud costs of your data workloads by over 50%

Your data teams can migrate to lower-cost, off-the-shelf cloud technologies without breaking existing logic.

How can we help


We have a unique 4 step process in the market that has proven to reduce cloud costs by > 50%


Identifying wasteful data workloads


expensive jobs to cost-efficient containerized environments 


cost savings realized and report savings back


new cost-saving opportunities

Customer success story


A client in the research and technology space

  • Situation: This organisation was building out its data platform and was already delivering its first use cases to businesses.

  • Obstacle: With increasing data volumes, and an increasing number of use cases, their cloud costs spiraled out of control. Especially their Databricks costs reached over EUR 10K per month and grew rapidly, and this created strong pressure on the data organisation to reduce their monthly spending.

  • Solution: We worked with the client to identify their most expensive jobs and moved those to a containerized solution, running on spot instances. We measured cost savings made, and this encouraged us to move more workloads away from Databricks notebooks until all jobs were migrated.

  • Outcome: We managed to bring their computing cost from EUR 10K to EUR 3K, which removed the pressure from the data team. This enabled them to build several more use cases instead of focusing on managing notebooks or worrying about increasing cloud costs.

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We would love to hear your story


We would love to hear your data story and furthermore consult what to do to improve it. You are invited to our office for a coffee or we can also talk over an e-meet.

Book a free 45 min meeting where we discuss your cloud cost challenges and we already get you started on the path to a more efficient data organization.

No strings attached!

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