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Setting up a SaaS product on AWS. Leveraging cloud scalability to meet client demand.

Business context

Kwarts is a start-up in the area of life science and medical affairs. Their SaaS product, A-Inside, helps pharmacological companies with their customer relationship: offering the most relevant product at the appropriate time via the best communication channels.

Scope & objectives

  • Setting up a cloud-based architecture for data analytics

  • Setting up the data processing pipelines at one client

  • Setting up the environment for the in-house developed state of the art machine learning models

  • Setting up the SaaS user interface at one client

  • Enabling efficient scaling to m clients in short term

Key results

  • The supporting AWS infrastructure was set up and configured

  • Data ingestion pipelines were developed and deployed at one client

  • Integrating the SaaS product: data ingestion, ML predictions and displaying the results


  • Pilot of the SaaS product is running at 1 client

  • Demos of the product at multiple clients

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