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Setting up an enterprise Azure Data Platform for an international R&D Company

Business context

Enterprise organisation with large on-prem footprint (high performance compute clusters, ad-hoc compute systems, centralized storage) and several independent teams.

Setting up a scalable Azure Data Platform with the following goals:

  • centralised security policies

  • project governance

  • data discoverability

Scope & objectives

  • Centralised platform governance

  • Implementing Data Mesh principles

  • Scheduling / Orchestration

  • Everything as code (infrastructure, configuration, access policies)

  • Templates/Blueprints for building data products

  • APIs serving data

  • Internal reporting (dashboards)

Key results

  • First steps with a data catalog (Azure Purview)

  • Automating infrastructure provisioning (Azure Devops + Terraform)

  • Automating project deployments (Azure Devops)

  • Data Product Orchestration and Governance (Datafy)

  • Centralized API management (Azure API Manager)


  • With the Data Catalog we set up the foundations for a self-service Data Platform

  • The everything-as-code approach increased reliability of the Data Platform

  • Speed up data product development and reduce maintenance cost

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