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Capstone project

Apply all your knowledge in a capstone project similar to an actual data product in a modern data platform.

Snowflake, a modern data warehouse

Learn how to maintain and run analytics in this virtually infinitely scalable warehouse.

Introduction to Linux & Bash

Learn bash and Linux basics to make you productive on any data project.

Intro to Streaming with Kafka

Learn how to transform data in real-time with Kafka, and do it securely.

Building solid data pipelines with PySpark

PySpark is the analytics powerhouse for big data analytics. Learn how to apply software engineering practices to use it effectively.

Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

Learn how to create and maintain infrastructure as code, using Terraform.

Containerization with Docker

Learn how to get your application working on any machine. Reach production faster.

Workflow orchestration with Airflow

Manage multiple workloads with the orchestration framework of Apache Airflow.

Introduction to cloud providers (with AWS)

Learn when and how to use some of Amazon Web Services' most commonly used resources.

Introduction to Git for version control

Become proficient with the most widely used version control software. Stop sending code as attachments. Collaborate fearlessly.

Python for Data Engineering

Learn how to process data with Python and maintain a good code base.

Modernize SQL analytics with DBT

A core component of any good analytics solution is still a relational database. Learn about SQL and build pipelines using DBT.

Principles of modern data platforms

Prepare your data platform to support multiple use cases, at scale.

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